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COZMIC Group launches “glitsyTM” app for Z-POP DREAM


The COZMIC Group is launching “glitsyTM”, the dedicated mobile application for Z- POP Dream.

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Z-POP Dream is the first global entertainment ecosystem to discover pop music talent. Starting initially from across Asia, it will help talent accelerate their rise to international stardom while staying constantly connected with millions of fans 24/7 via “glitsyTM”.

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“glitsyTM” is available for download from the Apple Store and Google Play from today. Among the various features of “glitsyTM”, it allows “Dreamers” (contestants) to upload their videos as the pre-audition phase of Z-POP Dream. “glitsyTM” is designed as an integrated digital media entertainment lifestyle platform that encourages dreamers and their supporters (fans) to interact; it also empowers and involves fans in the Dreamers journey through elements like online voting, sending virtual gifts, and earning points along the way which can subsequently be redeemed for incentives such as limited-edition merchandise and access to exclusive events.

Original and exclusive content is another important feature of “glitsyTM” through its “glitsyTM TV” platform. Supporters will be able to enjoy live streaming of a variety of “glitsyTM” only content such as behind-the-scene footage, auditions and special thematic programs, including those of Z-POP Dream’s inaugural groups Z-Boys and Z-Girls.

The e-commerce functions of “glitsyTM” will be rolled-out by year-end, enabling supporters to more deeply immerse in Z-POP Dreams through the purchase of concert tickets, merchandise and other exciting partnership offers.

Z-POP Dream Season 2 Pre-Auditions commences June/July across seven countries in Asia, namely India, Indonesia, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

About the COZMIC Group:

The COZMIC Group is a Singapore-headquartered technology-driven entertainment and media company focused on creating original intellectual property and formats in an integrated ecosystem to cater to a worldwide audience. Its current project is Z- POP Dream. For more information, please visit www.cozmic-grp.com.

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Jana Sim
Marketing Division jana.sim@cozmic-grp.com