Pre-Audition is now closed.
Winners announced on glitsy APP.

Top contestants on glitsy APP are selected based on popularity from each eligible territory who will proceed to the next main audition round to be held in local territories. Winners will be notified directly on further details.


Note: Only verified users are shortlisted to proceed to the Z-POP Dream Season 2 main audition.


The Z-POP Dream Season 2 Pre-audition was opened to the listed territories in Asia and will be expanding to global territories in future seasons.

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How to Join

Submit a 30-sec video of your best performance via either one of the methods.


Method #1

Submission period: 6 June to 15 July 2019

Download glitsy™ app, record and post your video. The top most-liked videos will be shortlisted to the next round.


Method #2

Submission period: 15 June to 15 July 2019

Submit on glitsy™ website and our professional judges will shortlist the best videos to the next round.

glitsy™ App

glitsy™ Website



Upload 30-sec video; Get as many Likes and Virtual Gifts



Upload 30-sec video; Review by professional judges

300 Dreamers per territory

Total 2,100 Dreamers

Offline Audition^

Perform in front of professional judges in your home ground

10 Dreamers per territory (Top Ranking)

Total 70 Dreamers from app

40 Dreamers per territory

Total 280 Dreamers from website

Dreamers per territory

Total 350 Dreamers

glitsy Z-POP Dream circle animation

Main Audition^

Broadcast on local TV networks and glitsy™

star glitsy Z-POP Dream

1 Boy Grand Winner 1 Girl Grand Winner

Per territory

(Train in KR)

star glitsy Z-POP Dream

3 Local Winners

Per territory

(Train locally)

^ Audition progression stages may differ for selected territories.

Recruitment Guidelines for 2019 Z-POP Dream Pre-Audition Applicants:

  1. Profile:

    • a.   Age: 15 to 23 years old

    • b.   Height: Over 160cm for females (preferred); Over 170cm for males (preferred)

    • c.   Language ability: Native / Fluent English speakers

  2. Gender: Males and Females

  3. Nationality (Passport): Indonesia, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam

  4. Video duration: 30 seconds

  5. Video content: Sing, dance, and/or instrumental performance only

  6. Singing language: Any, but English is preferred. Languages of the seven participating territories are accepted.

  7. Dance genre: Any

  8. Instruments: Any

  9. Applicants must:

    • a.   Be able to fully participate in all Z-Stars activities including training in Korea from January 2020

    • b.   Be eligible for acquiring foreign VISAs

    • c.   Be able to accept a 5-year artiste contract

    • d.   Be independent in handling/managing own school-related matters (where applicable)

  10. Final selection:

    • a.   Global Z-Stars: 1 male grand winner + 1 female grand winner

    • b.   Local Z-Stars: 3 winners (no gender split)