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Recruitment Guidelines for 2019 Z-POP Dream Pre-Audition Applicants:

  1. Profile:

    • a.   Age: 15 to 23 years old

    • b.   Height: Over 160cm for females (preferred); Over 170cm for males (preferred)

    • c.   Language ability: Native / Fluent English speakers

  2. Gender: Males and Females

  3. Nationality (Passport): Indonesia, India, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam

  4. Video duration: 30 seconds

  5. Video content: Sing, dance, and/or instrumental performance only

  6. Singing language: Any, but English is preferred. Languages of the seven participating territories are accepted.

  7. Dance genre: Any

  8. Instruments: Any

  9. Applicants must:

    • a.   Be able to fully participate in all Z-Stars activities including training in Korea from January 2020

    • b.   Be eligible for acquiring foreign VISAs

    • c.   Be able to accept a 5-year artiste contract

    • d.   Be independent in handling/managing own school-related matters (where applicable)

  10. Final selection:

    • a.   Global Z-Stars: 1 male grand winner + 1 female grand winner

    • b.   Local Z-Stars: 3 winners (no gender split)